Germantown targeted for mixed-use project with Hattie B’s

Germantown targeted for mixed-use project with Hattie B’s
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Two-building development to offer retail, apartments

Two local developers are targeting a Germantown site for a mixed-use two-building project that will include apartments and a retail space for a Hattie B’s Hot Chicken.

The development would sit on property — the address for which is 709 Monroe St. and 1214 and 1216 Rosa L. Parks Blvd. — on which a small cinderblock building once home to Helen’s Hot Chicken is located. That structure will need razing to accommodate the new buildings.

Karl Peters, co-developer with Leonard Amdur, said the smaller of  the two proposed buildings would rise the equivalent of two stories, with the Hattie B’s operating on both levels. It will sit next to a structure home to Auto Zone auto parts retailer and would feature a rooftop terrace offering downtown skyline views.

The larger building would feature four floors, with ground-level retail. The second floor could offer either office space or apartments, Peters said. The top two stories will be apartment units.

See the site here courtesy of Google Maps.

Nashville-based D|AAD is teaming with Israel & Associates of Birmingham to design the two structures.

“We are looking at this development as an opportunity — particularly if we incorporate office space into the four-story building — to create a very distinctive and boutique-y urban infill project,” Peters said.

Peters said the corner of Monroe and Eighth is deserving of a noteworthy project.

“Monroe goes through the heart of Germantown and is a gateway from Rosa Parks Boulevard into the district,” he said.

If all goes well, Peters said the team would break ground in about six months.

The team will go before the Metro Historic Zoning Commission Feb. 17 to seek initial approval. MHZC approval is needed given Germantown is designated a historic preservation zoning district.

Robin Zeigler, historic zoning administrator for the MHZC, said Metro Historical Commission staff, in general, are pleased with the proposal.

“We’re basically looking at the massing and scale at this point,” Zeigler said. “The development team will have to return to the MHZC for approval of details and materials.”

Hattie B’s

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