Salemtown Board CO. – Nashville’s own Skateboard Co.

Salemtown Board CO. – Nashville’s own Skateboard Co.
1003 Buchanan St. Nashville, TN –
Storefront is open Monday – Friday 1:30 – 5:30

The Salemtown Board Story:

We started as two guys in Nashville, TN, with $300 who wanted to build skateboards and see the world outside our front-doors change, even if just a little bit. A couple years later, we’re Will (big brother/dreamer), Schuyler (younger brother/practical guy) and a small crew of young bucks from the neighborhood. We are striving to do our part in changing our city by creating jobs for young men who need them here in Salemtown. Our calendars are marked by trips to the mountains. The rest of the time we’re covered in sawdust and paint. We build boards we love to ride and design clothing we wear almost everyday. Our hope is that our boards have a place in all your best weekend adventures and favorite memories. We love what we do and Salemtown is our way of bringing you a piece of that. From us to you, grab a board and ride until you’re lost.


Social Impact:

From the very beginning of Salemtown Board Co. we have strived to figure out how to use business for the benefit of our community. The first board we ever made was sanded by a young man from the neighborhood. When we started in the Salemtown neighborhood in 2012 there were many young men who were in need of employment. Over the course of the last few years the neighborhood has changed dramatically and the young men we started the company to employ have been pushed out.


In light of this we have moved Salemtown Board Co. out of Salemtown into North Nashville. Something that we believe strongly is that there is not a better solution for economic rehabilitation for individuals or communities than job creation. This is why we are a for-profit company and not a non-profit. We want to make money that we can turn around and use to fund jobs for people that need them. Our hope is to be able to be the first line on many resumes as young guys come and work for us and then go on to further pursue their passions.

We believe that we best serve and empower our employees by making the primary focus of what we do producing excellent products. It is important to us that our employees are proud of what they do. Our employees are not projects and definitely not the product; rather we are striving to give them opportunities as members of our team to claim a better future for themselves than what the statistics may lead them to believe. Salemtown Board Co. does not change lives we just provide the space for young men to change their own. We do what we can to open doors for young men that might have been closed to them but they must walk through those doors themselves.

Salemtown Board Company

What’s Cookin’ Germantown



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