Another bar and restaurant headed to Germantown

Another restaurant group has its eye on Germantown, the epicenter of Nashville’s recent restaurant boom.

According to a recently filed building permit application, Sedona Taphouse is planning to set up shop at 1120 3rd Ave. N., inside the Broadstone Germantown apartment complex. The permit has not yet been granted.

Sedona Taphouse is the name of a Virginia-based chain owned by DJB Hospitality LLC. Its website describes the chain as a place designed “to serve fine craft beer and wine lovers alike in a warm, natural and sophisticated environment.” The chain has six current locations in Virginia, Michigan, Connecticut and New York, with two additional locations – including one in Lexington, Ky. – billed as “coming soon” on its website.

DJB Founder Dennis Barbaro, who could not immediately be reached for comment, has previously discussed his plans to bring Sedona to Tennessee. Last summer, Barbaro told Richmond Biz Sense he had signed a franchise agreement to develop a Nashville location.

The Broadstone Germantown, which opened its doors to residents last year, is one of a slew of recent projects contributing to the trendy neighborhood’s surge in available apartments. (How big is that surge? Nearly 3,000 apartments and condos are proposed, underway or newly opened in Germantown, according to our Crane Watch map.)

Representatives of Alliance Residential Co., the Phoenix-based developers of Broadstone Germantown, did not immediately respond to a request for comment. The permit application calls for work on 3,000 square feet of space for the restaurant, with a price tag of $1 million.

Eleanor Kennedy covers Music City’s tourism, hospitality and music business industries.

New Germantown Restaurants – Nashville

Near the corner of Jefferson Street and Fourth Avenue North, amid Nashville’s booming Germantown and just a block from First Tennessee Park, sit two soon-to-open restaurants whose journey underscores the occasionally herculean effort required to bring restaurants from concept to reality in Music City’s white-hot food scene.

They are Lulu and Geist, the latest restaurants from Miranda Whitcomb Pontes, a restaurateur who made her name founding Frothy Monkey and Burger Up, among other Nashville hotspots. With Lulu set to open this month and Geist “probably three months out,” Pontes is emerging from the lengthy permitting process, construction delays and other bumps in the road that restaurateurs throughout Nashville encounter amid the city’s boom.

It’s just “the nature of Nashville,” right now, Pontes said. In addition to the standard challenges (like the time it takes to schedule inspections), the historic building housing Geist brought with it additional requirements of preservation, she said, which helps explain the multi-year lag between the lease getting signed and its eventual opening.

As for Lulu, on top of the traditional delays, Pontes has made several changes to the concept since she confirmed plans for the spot in September 2015. Initially envisioned as a full-service restaurant, Lulu will instead embrace a fast-casual model. Pontes just recently decided to change things up in yet another way, moving food preparation from the back of the house to the area behind the bar, in full view of patrons.

“I was uncomfortable for a while because I get really emotionally attached to the concept … which is a terrible thing to be in business,” Pontes said of the decision to rearrange things. “Now I see, even though [the layout change] probably put us more weeks behind and more over budget, it’s really healthy for the long-term, for success.”

Both the rejiggered restaurant design — something the restaurateur hopes will embody “the energy” she wants the fresh-focused eatery to have — and the shift from full-service to fast-casual came at the advice of peers and mentors whose opinion she trusts, Pontes said.

Dropping the full-service model was a hard choice, she said, because she wanted to ensure the restaurant offered a spirit of hospitality that doesn’t end once the customer swipes a credit card. At the same time, she knows people want to have the speed and convenience that format can provide. Her goal? Be sure to marry the two.

“I’m willing to entertain the fast casual, if you can guarantee that we’re going to have enhanced hospitality until they walk out the door,” Pontes said. “It’s going to feel like a full-service restaurant after you swipe your card, or I’m not interested.”

Eleanor Kennedy covers Music City’s tourism, hospitality and music business industries.

B & C BBQ – Farmers Market Nashville

B&C Farmer’s Market Nashville TN

900 Rosa L. Parks Blvd.
Nashville, TN 37208
(615) 770-0032
Hours: Daily 11 am to 3 pm

B&C BBQ Nashville TN

We have been in business serving great BBQ and sides since February 2008. We also have a gourmet catering business which has been in business since March 2004.

B&C Melrose

2617 Franklin Pike, Unit 112 (Melrose Kroger Center)
Nashville, TN 37204
(615) 457-3473

Hours: Daily 11 am to 9:00 pm


Mad Platter building sale finalized


Nashville-based restaurant giant Fresh Hospitality has completed its purchase of the Germantown building that until recently was home to The Mad Platter.

Nashville Post reports that an LLC established by Fresh Hospitality Managing Partner Mike Tidwell paid $1.525 million for the 0.14-acre parcel, located at 1239 Sixth Ave. N.

The Mad Platter restaurant closed at the end of 2016.

Fresh Hospitality has not said which restaurant concept it intends to bring to the building. Fresh Hospitality’s 18 brands range from Biscuit Love to The Grilled Cheeserie to Cochon Butcher.

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint
1123 3rd Avenue North, Nashville, TN 37208


The What’s Cookin’ Germantown Crew had heard so much about Jack Brown’s we just had to try it for lunch. Well, we got a surprise when I ordered a cheese burger with onion and pickle. “We can’t do that today” the waiter replied. What? Out of all our vast wisdom we had failed to read the menu. Should we stay or should we go? We decided to stay and find out what the deal was that a burger joint didn’t sell the gold standard of the hamburger world.

Here’s the deal:

Each day they have a special. We were there on Thursday so it was the  Nacho Libre.
The Nacho What? – Burger topped with diced black olives and jalapeños, Pepper jack cheese, green onions mixed in sour cream, re-fried beans and house made tortilla chips.

We said “OK give us one”

They don’t just have one burger available each day they have more.Take a look: Menu

While we were waiting we took a look around the place.








Looks good , smells better and BOOM the taste was out of this world. No wonder the place was filling up. They get so busy they have valet parking. For a burger Joint? YES !!

Oh look, they have a patio and Corn Hole:

You can walk from Germantown a quick Uber or Lift from downtown Nashville.
Come on — you will want a beer or two. Enjoy yourself.

We give Jack Brown’s a Five Finger lick rating.




Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint is the childhood dream of two best friends, Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. They had always talked about opening their own bar back in the day while collecting beer cans and skateboarding. Aaron had spent 15 years in the business world operating a ski and snowboard shop in Harrisonburg. Mike spent 20 years in South Beach Miami in the restaurant business. After one crappy day at work in 2008, Aaron called Mike to propose a “what if” scenario and the rest as the saying goes, is history. Aaron was into craft beer and Mike was a chef of 4 restaurants; a beer and burger joint was born.

The menu is purposely simple. Jack Brown’s is a bar, that sells a great burger. It is not a restaurant trying to please all tastes. They focus on: do one thing and do it right. There is an amazing menu of craft beer ranging from the local darlings to rare beers from around the world.

They designed the bar that they like hanging out in. They grew up as drinking buddies so it wasn’t too difficult a task. Although there might not be a rhyme or reason to the décor, it sure gives you something to talk about.

The staff is a key part of Jack Brown’s. They have been trained to guide customers through the world of beer and to make sure you have a good time.

Mike and Aaron hope you enjoy the experience of your beer and your burger and hope you have a blast when you’re here. Good food, good beer and good times.

What’s Cookin’ Germantown Nashville